I apply the animation to the UIView object, the animation plays normally, but at the end the object becomes the same coordinates. Can someone know what's the matter?

var anim = CABasicAnimation.FromKeyPath("transform.translation.y"); anim.Duration = 1.0; anim.From = NSNumber.FromFloat(1); anim.To = NSNumber.FromFloat(100); anim.RepeatCount = 0; bookmarksView.Layer.AddAnimation(anim, "bmViewAnim"); 
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I don’t know whether it is a crutch or not, but I found the following method using the “scientific spear” method: set final animated properties before applying animation:

 bookmarksView.Layer.Position = new PointF(100, 100); // конечную позицию ставим заранее var anim = CABasicAnimation.FromKeyPath("position"); anim.Duration = 1.0; anim.To = NSValue.FromPointF(new PointF(100,100)); bookmarksView.Layer.AddAnimation(anim, "bmViewAnim");