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There is an error with the message "Overflow" when I make a request to add a string to the database. There are 27 columns in the table, there may be an error due to their large number. What is the problem?

  • The number of columns has nothing to do with it. In some column does not fit the input value. It is necessary to look at the description of the table and the insert command (with values) - alexlz
  • I checked on the size of everything is normal there the values ​​are not large then in essence. The string is a maximum of ~ 150 characters, the numbers are a maximum of 15 digits. PS The error occurs by the way already on AdoQuery1.ExecSql; - zerpico
  • And when does an error occur? On any insert or not? - alexlz
  • There is no with this base and this request, so the rest works fine. - zerpico
  • Check input value types. An error may occur with implicit type conversion. - msi

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Yes, the problem on my part is still. In general, sometimes null or '' fell on the numeric value, so the error was. Wildly sorry thanks for the help. Just adding went in a cycle from 0 to 357. Found a mistake at step 151 only.