There is a pointblank.exe process.

It is necessary to unload dll from it. Or at least freeze them.

 gameShieldDll.dll frostRecvfrom.dll gameShieldDll.dll frostUpdater.dll 

Tell me how to do this?

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Just so you can not do it .. you can just ship the dll, but the application may crash. The only option is to analyze the export table of these dll'ok and make fake dll-ki, which do nothing, but export functions, with the same prototypes. And even then there is a chance to fill up everything and it will not be easy.

If the code from these dll'ok works in separate threads, then you can try to freeze these threads, and leave the dll alone.

    An ustano thread within the target module will lead to hangs and deadlocks. The unloading is equivalent to the completion of the process, since the initialization procedure will be called with the same reason as the completion of the process. It is reasonable to use stubs that block functionality, you can use a verification provider.

      On the go do not do it! But to write new dll-ki with the same names, rename old and new put the same, where are the old. In the newly written dll-kah should be the same functions as in the old, but they must be empty (NOP), then the program when accessing these functions will get a response (NOP), which is equivalent to the unloaded dll-ke. They will be remembered, even will work, but will not do anything. :)