Hello everyone, many of you know what a GM (Game Master) team is, for example

/kick **ИМЯ ИГРОКА** 

So, I am interested in this, I have a textBox1 and when the user enters

 /select_пробел_**ИМЯ ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЯ** 

then the fact that the USER NAME was entered into some variable, and then it was already possible to work with the obtained data. Sorry for the curvature of the explanation, but I just ran into this for the first time, and I don’t even know how to formulate a thought, but there is one very good similarity. Command line

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    if the line has the form /select UserName and nothing else, then something like this:

     var str = textBox.Text.Split(' '); if(str[0] == "/select") UserName = str[1]; 

    if it can contain something else, then I have encountered such a problem - Writing handlers of "complex texts"

    • Thanks, everything works fine. - Angus123