Now I am reading a chapter in Shield about linq in C #, I am also trying to write my own small project (data compression using the Huffman algorithm). In parallel, I learn html / css. Further I want to specialize in I know that I need to learn more mssql. I am interested in what topics for junior knowledge so that there is enough understanding and knowledge of the language to learn and the opportunity to get a job? I don't think a newbie needs to know all the moments of C #.

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    Just read the Microsoft ASP.NET 4 book with examples in C # 2010 for professionals.

    Despite what is written in the title “for professionals”, the book is more suitable for students of ASP.NET from scratch.

      for juniora, you need to know how to create user controls, MS SQL stored procedures, ajax basics - sending / receiving data without postbacks, basic algorithms and data structures. Actually that's all.