There is a draft written in Python. I am developing it on the Ubuntu platform, in a text editor. What tools should I use to get a step-by-step debugging feature?

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It may be most convenient to use IDE for Python, for example PyDev (this is a plugin for Eclipse) or PyCharm. There the debugger is integrated. If you are not confused by the console debugger interface, then in the standard Python library there is a pdb module, which is a full-fledged debugger.

  1. pdb , pdb (c)
  2. Any IDE that supports interactive code execution in debug mode with Breakpoints, for example PyCharm

and of course trace trace is not step by step but is very useful in some places.

    About debuggers inside ide have already said a lot in other answers, but among the console debuggers, pudb with a pseudo-graphic interface (in the spirit of borland turbo s) was unfairly forgotten