Good night everyone, I wrote the application and then there was a question about localization, I found one example, but I don’t understand how to use it, here it’s an example: localization of applications .

Can someone explain how to make the language depend on the version of the language on the phone itself? All string files are there, so you just need to do it.

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    It depends. Create the appropriate directories with the name of the locales needed, picked up by the machine.

    • res / values ​​/ strings.xml - default labels
    • res / values-en_rRU / strings.xml - Russian labels
    • res / values-en / strings.xml - English lettering

    similarly for pictures and so on.

    Here is a table with possible suffixes, among which not only the locale may be present but also other parameters.

    • thanks, already figured out - dajver