Greetings, programmers! In Delphi and C ++ Builder environments there are standard components for encryption (decryption) on the IndyMisc tab: IdEncoderXXE, IdEncoderUUE ..., and the corresponding IdDecoder * for decryption. It suddenly became interesting to me, according to what algorithms each of these components performs encryption. Maybe someone knows, or is it the secret of the developers of these environments?

  • UUE / XXE is not encryption. - northerner
  • And then what? Coding what? - DelphiM0ZG
  • "Uyuki rushed" at one time in fido ... the old method, yes. - Yura Ivanov
  • Thanks for the info, @northerner, now it's clear. I just saw an example of using these components to translate text into symbols incomprehensible to humans. - DelphiM0ZG

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@ DelphiM0ZG is a way to present binary data in text form.

Take the mail protocol. We want to attach the file to the letter. If the file is binary, then each byte can be a binary code of any number from 0 to 255. And the protocol interprets some codes as control sequences, that is, it is impossible to transfer the file explicitly.

When encoding text, you can use, for example, 64 different codes (lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, a couple of punctuation marks). That is, every 6 bits of binary data is encoded with a symbol. And we can transmit. True, the volume grows 4/3 times.

    Partially found the answer to your question: here , here and here .