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Please help me figure it out! With the help of this plugin, I made a pop-up hint for my navigation map , it was written in the instructions that you can apply absolutely to any tag that you can set the title and class attributes, I did, I registered it for the AREA tag. The prompt itself works correctly, but the problem is with positioning only; it “pops up” not where it should be! Tell me, please, maybe someone has at least some ideas. Thank you in advance!

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    If anyone is interested, I found an excellent plugin for solving my problem: is the plugin itself. - Artyomich
  • Example in brief: $ (document) .ready (function () {$ ('write a class or tag here'). Qtip ({id: 'myTooltip', content: {text: 'here is the text of the tooltip',}, position: { my: 'right center', // This is positioning at: 'bottom left', // This is positioning}, show: {delay: 150, // Delay style: {classes: 'ui-tooltip-green ui-tooltip-shadow ui-tooltip-jtools ui-tooltip-rounded ', // Default hint styles, you can change to your width: 200,},}); - Artyomich

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Try setting for the <area style = "position: relative" /> tag

Write, worked or not.

  • Not quite worked, now the tooltip appears at the bottom of the screen - Artyomich
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    I shoved AREA into a DIV and already DIV'ou set styles. WORKS! - Artyomich
  • Ukhtyyyyy ........ - Mikhail Nikolaev