The documentation says that the tags should be stored in the templatetags folder of applications, but there are tags that need to be used throughout the project. It is clear that it is possible to dig everything out according to applications, but it is not beautiful :( Is there a correct solution to this problem?

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    We use the utilites application for this purpose, you can call it something else. And there already create tags, methods and classes that are necessary for other applications to work.

    Copy-paste of course nothing. Just in the places you need to import the necessary modules.

    In the templates, respectively, load .

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      Or even common , once common. Quite a solution - neoascetic
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      Yes, it is possible and common . Just a good idea to be sure that it does not overlap with any built-in common module;). - ChehoV

    Why copy-paste? Suppose there is an application app1 in the projectus project in which the tag / function / class / avatar_src class is avatar_src which is used in other applications. What prevents to do

     from projectus.app1.tags import avatar_src 

    in places where it is needed?