There is a list of name, example:

Иванов Иван Иванович Петров Петр Петрович Сидоров Сидор Сидорович 

after the name (in the position of every second space) put the character ;


 Иванов Иван;Иванович Петров Петр;Петрович Сидоров Сидор;Сидорович 

Implement using regular expressions, without reference to any programming language (replacement in NOTEPAD ++).

The task is much more difficult, but I already figured out the answer below.

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Found the right solution, thanks @ToolTip .
In NP ++
Find ^(\S+)\ (\S+)\ (\S+)$
Replace with \1 \2;\3

     var str = 'Иванов Иван Иванович'; var regex = /^([^\ ]+)\ ([^\ ]+)\ ([^\ ]+)$/; str = str.replace(regex, "$1 $2;$3"); document.write(str)​; 

    An example .

    • No, not quite that (I can programmatically without a regular expression at all). Implementation is necessary ONLY with the help of a regular expression (search for the second space in the string). Ctrl + H in Notepad ++. - out