Good evening. Help advice, how do such things usually happen?

There are users, everyone has a city, region, country in the database.
Also on the site there is a filter where you can filter people either by city / or by region / or by country, as well as 'worldwide'. those. for example, we need to look at people from Moscow, choose the filter - 'city', drive Moscow - we get people from Moscow.

Now the question is: how to save the filter state? To the next time you visit the site, the choice of people remains in the cities, and it is in Moscow.

The most normal thing that has occurred to me is to use cookies, like this: as soon as we select, say, the city of Moscow, the cookie is written

ci,Москва //где ci - "city" идентификатор того что ищем мы по городу также есть состояния "co" - country, 'r' - region 

When we next visit the site, we see if there are any cookies, and if there is, read the status, in our case "ci" and search for cities of Muscovites. if you choose another filter, for example, you decide to search by country, cookies change, for example, to

 co,Украина //теперь фильтровать будем по странам и выводить только Украину 

If there is no cookie, or if it is deleted, we don’t use filters, we give out people "worldwide".

Is this a normal approach or can there be any better ideas?

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    You can cookies. And you can session mechanism on the backend (which, in principle, also through cookies) - when changing the filter, we make a request (do you have Ajax?) That changes the corresponding session variable.