I would like to search the book for articles on this subject. It is possible in English (unless of course there are no Russian analogues)

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    they are written like this: "game servers" - yapycoder
  • I think that everyone has his own approach and you will not find anything concrete. - alex7249

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  1. If possible, use ready-made, for example: RedDwarf Server
  2. Otherwise, do it yourself. There are no particular specifics in the game servers.
  • Your first link doesn’t seem to work, or rather, it doesn’t lead you in the right direction. - Sonic Myst

http://www.trinitycore.org/w/Main_Page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MaNGOS

Here you can look at the example of World of Warcraft emulators.

    There is a RO emulsion. This is the forum http://eathena.ws.

      Yes, you can find any Java Lineage II server build and watch it.