When you go to http: // localhost: 3000 /, an error page opens.

Warning caught during route execution: utf8 "xE9"

Maybe someone knows how to fix this error?

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    Presumably, in some file that it reads, the text is not in UTF-8. Perhaps, either in CP-1251 (β€œy”) or in ISO-8859-1 (β€œΓ©β€). Look above for treysbek what is read, and deal with this file.

    • Padre shows that all the files in the created project are not utf8 - Error
    • one
      Found ... In general, the index.tt file recoded to utf8 and it worked. There was a Russian text - Error
    • And Dancer wants UTF-8, judging from the error message. In particular, for example, from the Dancer :: Cookbook section of the β€œ Template and Unicode ” section:> and set the default charset to UTF-8. - drdaeman
    • Only now it is not clear why the files are not initially created in utf8 encoding - Error