What does the symbol "^" in Delphi 7?

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    Pointers in the Pascal language. The first few links from the service of Sergey Brin:

      Oh, a long time ago I did not take Pascal into the hands :). I will try to add in a nutshell syntax:

      The symbol ^ ( "hat" ) in Pascal has two different meanings:

      In the declaration block, a cap in front of the type identifier declares a typed pointer:

       type P1 = ^T; { или } var P2: ^T; 

      where T is the data type identifier, P1 is the pointer type for type T , P2 is the pointer variable for type T

      In the implementation block, the ^ character after the variable identifier is the dereference operator, i.e., it means that it is not the value of the pointer itself that participates in the expression, but the value of its parent type.

       var X2: ^Real; { X - указатель на действительное число } begin X^ := Pi; X^ := X^ / 2; { присвоит π/2 по указателю X } end; 
      • It did not work out in a nutshell, please criticize. - Al Leween

      Google does not work.

      Briefly here

       var X: ^Integer;// (X Указатель на Integer) ... New(X);//(Выделить память по адресу X) X^:=50;//(Записать туда число 50) 

      And read more about pointers and addresses.

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