Good day. There was a problem stated in the title.

Are there any not very clever ways? :) Thank!

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  • What tools do you want to solve this problem with? - Vitaly Kustov
  • The most interesting option would be to directly place the model (say, the format .obj or .3ds) as a widget on the site, using JavaScript. - Max Zhukov
  • Render to AVI or GIF. If the geometry is static just in the texture and how the image is displayed. - igumnov

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  1. WebGL - not supported by all browsers, but without additional software
  2. Flash - everyone has it, draws 3D well
  3. Silverlight, there are many, good draws 3D
  4. Unity - almost no one :)
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    Silverlight, many have? .. Are you from a parallel universe or what? : D - Zowie
  • one
    Statistics stim speaks about more than 60%. True 3d is not in mono, so win / mac only. - Oleg Nechitailo can use it to display OBJ 3D models on the site. There everything is described on points of what and how to do, as far as I understand it works on FLASH, so there should not be any problems with the display