Good afternoon, I have this question. It is necessary to raise the site on Centos already installed VPN. What actions need to be done, can someone already practiced?

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    Install Apache, PHP, MySQL. Take a look here . In general, in Google on request " Install LAMP Centos " will give you what you want.

    Here you will find a ready-made assembly with installation instructions.

    • Isn't it easier to install from the repository? - karmadro4
    • Yes, now I will add! - Dex
    • LAMP is linups + apache + muscle + pohapa for those who niasilil put in parts. CentOS already stands, it remains to deliver Apache2, then as needed. Do not focus on the screen. - karmadro4
    • Yes, you are right, but you know yourself, with those problems in the wording of the questions, you will not notice another question how to install PHP / MySQL. - Dex
    • Well, I do not know, I do not know. XAMPP was once very famous for default passwords. And now, too, not bad - karmadro4