Tell the book on perl.

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    In that order.

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    I would not advise "Perl Programming" as the first book))) I propose as the first book "Learning Perl" by brian d foy - it is shorter and covers all the basics. And then yes, "Learning more Perl" :) By the way, from the same author. A "Programming Perl" and then read ... :)

    PS Yes, and after these two books, be sure to read "Perl Best Practices" !!!! ;)

      It all depends on whether you know other programming languages. In any case, I can advise this list:

      1. Perl programming. Part 1. Overview. Chapter 1. Perl Overview

      This chapter describes how Perl came about, which makes it so. Therefore, this chapter is required to read. The following chapters of this book are best to start reading only after becoming familiar with simpler books, namely:

      1. The Perl programming language is told very accessible to a beginner.
      2. Schwartz R., Phoenix T., Brian d Foy - Learning Perl, 5th Edition
      3. Schwartz R., Foy B., Phoenix T. - Perl. We study deeper. 2nd edition
      4. List item

      Also, if you want to quickly enter Perl and previously programmed in any languages, then I can suggest a book

      Joseph N. Hall, Joshua A. McAdams, brian d foy - Effective Perl Programming, Second Edition

      For example, if you want to immediately understand what this $ _ variable is, then item (item) 15 describes this variable.

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      I was just starting to learn Perl from the book "O'Reilly: Programming Perl" . Perhaps it is not very easy to read for a person starting Perl from scratch, and generally a novice programmer I was at that time, but after reading it, and having thoughtful and doing practical examples, you begin to really feel the Perl style. I especially advise you to master the chapter on regexps, there is a lot of valuable information there. However, this book does not cover all aspects, although it is basic. About object-oriented Perl, I advise you to read Object Orinted Perl by Demin Conway, and then start the Moose documentation :)

        Higher-Order Perl by Mark Jason Dominus

        Very sensible and interesting book about the use of the principles of functional programming in Perl. But as the first book on the pearl will not work.