Hello, members of the forum, I have the following question on Delphi. In DBGride there is a sequence number column, and it is filled with 1, 2, 3 ... etc. And is it possible to display the last line of this column in label?

  • or how to make it impossible to repeat the same number in the column? - alexandr91
  • The number of records, what to display? Then, for this, the DBGrid itself is not needed, but the method of its data set (table or query) * Table.RecordCount; - DelphiM0ZG
  • No, for example, in DBGride, the last entry in the column "serial number" is 45, so I need to output 45 in the lable. If I add the following entry with the number 80, it should replace 45 with 80 in the lable. - alexandr91

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The last row of a column with a sequence number can be displayed as follows:

procedure TForm1.ADOTable1AfterPost(DataSet: TDataSet); begin ADOTable1.Last; Label1.Caption:=ADOTable1.Fields[5].AsString; // у Вас будет свой номер столбца ADOTable1.First; // в начало, можно не переходить, если не нужно end; 

This is the OnAfterPost data set handler (that is, it will output after saving).

    Make the output of the last record by Table.RecordCount, output the field that contains your "45" FieldByName (column_name) .Value DBText, well, or in a label. IntToStr (Table1.RecNo) - you can also find out the total number of records, hence the sequence number of the last one, to output its values ​​by fields. And I did it easier:

     table1.Last; label2:=Table1.FieldByName('Имя_поля_в_котором_значение').Value; table1.First