In the university there is a choice between two areas of study: JAVA or .NET. Given the in-depth experience with these platforms, I would like to know your reasoned opinions on this matter.

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    This is a question related to the category of "holivarny" (examples: Windows vs Linux, etc.) And the only right way to choose between these platforms is something closer to you.

    .NET - This is purely for Microsoft, if you like everything that this company does and more than NOTHING, then this platform is just for you.

    Java - This is for EVERYTHING! starting from mobile phones and ending with the same Windows and Linux. The main essence of Java is the launch of your programs for all possible platforms. but of course from the fact that Java is oriented for everything, it is slightly weaker as a functional.

    Therefore, you choose what is better. But my opinion is, I want to know both .net and Java than I actually do now.

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      Once again I see a not quite correct interpretation of the concepts of Java. For a hundred years now, real money has been spinning in the enterprise. Desktop and mobile applications can not serve as a criterion for the choice of technology (by the way, under Windows Phone 7, the program is written on .Net). Comparing these two technologies, one should first of all assess their potential in the niche of the enterprise. And the idea of ​​knowing both Java and .Net is very sensible - I support it. - Evgeniy
    • Is it possible to sample finished products written in Java? - Daniel Pavlov
    • Java applets for mobile phones. The game Minecraft To Yevgen is true, but I kind of indicated that .NET is all that Microsoft does: both WP7 and Xbox. - Anton Lakotko
    • What do you mean by talking about finished products - specific desktop programs, or ready-made solutions for business? By the way, I remember the Java theme on the desktop:… - Evgeniy
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      Regarding the products made on java: I worked here at their Way4 system was originally written in C / C ++, but for many years now it has been moving slowly to Java (Now, most probably, written in Java). This is a banking processing system, there are many banks around the world, including Sber and some of our other giants in part - artem

    While learning, learn both. Then decide for yourself.

      At one time, a couple of years ago, when I was still a freshman, I chose Java as my main platform. Java and as a powerful platform, and as a language, there are many frameworks and libraries that facilitate the work of the programmer. I can not say that .Net as a platform is worse, or has fewer features. With both platforms, with enough knowledge, you can accomplish anything. Making a choice between these two technologies, in my opinion, it is necessary first of all to get acquainted with the situation on the labor market in your region. What technology is more in demand, with knowledge of which technology is it easier to find a job or with which technology are great prospects. In addition to me, many at the institute have chosen .Net, and since our institute is participating in the Microsoft partner program, many have found a good job through the dean without any efforts at all. So it seems to me that when making a choice between these two industrial standards, it is necessary to base it on the situation on the market.

      • yes, the market is like a race and a controversial issue, because Java coders now have a high sn, and demand is starting to grow on .NET ... - Daniel Pavlov
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        Most banks today use Java EE. I doubt that a massive decision will be made to switch to .Net. Although it is certainly impossible to say. - Evgeniy

      I don’t know, we had a similar choice at the university, I chose java, because it seems to me that Microsoft will very soon disappear into non-existence.

      • Yes, they will only release 8 Windows and into non-existence .... :) look at the ratio of all the others against Windows ... who will raise this whole pile of iron if the small ones do not? but in Java it seems to me now a stupor in development - Daniel Pavlov
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        The temporary stupor was associated with a difficult position in the Sun before the collapse and a certain leadership policy. - cy6erGn0m
      • And the collapse of Sun is due to the fact that there are no attributes in Java :) - Modus
      • As if Java is not gone in full F with its current owner. - Sergey
      • What are you talking about? Orakl very much where is used I would even say almost everywhere. So do not say nonsense. - cy6erGn0m

      In my opinion, I would choose from two options C # .NET, because:
      1) More powerful language constructs (linq, properties, var-variables, extensions-methods, etc)
      2) At the moment there is an opportunity to develop for any platform (xamarin, asp, mono)
      3) Quite a lot of vacancies at the moment, work is already easier to find.

      And how would others answer after 5 years?)