There is a website in several languages. What is the best way to display buttons (or just links) to select a language?

  1. Show all languages, highlight selected.
  2. Show those that you can switch to, that is, everything except the selected one.
  3. Show selected language, by pressing - a menu with a choice.

Maybe there is some generally accepted option?

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    It depends on the number and presentation of languages.

    • If there are few languages ​​(up to two), you can show them with one flag or iso code, and show the one that will be switched to. This is logical, because it will be the only button that will be clicked without knowing the language.
    • If there are several languages ​​(up to ten), you can show them side by side, while highlighting the current language in size or color.
    • If there are many languages, then it remains to either make a drop-down list, or select a separate page for the language table (for example,

      rather, the generally accepted is more used. larger sites (microsoft) use the selection from the list, because there are many languages, smaller ones make links like: RU EN FR DE ES CN, while highlighting the language used, and you cannot click on it. it is rather a matter of taste