Hello. What is the C ++ environment? And in general, how can this be described? I understand this, but I don’t know how to express it in one or several sentences.

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    "He grew up with C ++ programmers." Give an example of the context. - Sergey Slepov

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This is a program that includes a compiler for the C ++ language. It includes in its assembly some components that facilitate and most importantly accelerate the development of a programming language. Most often this is the so-called IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

They mainly include:

  • text editor
  • compiler and / or interpreter
  • assembly automation
  • debugger

C ++ Examples

    C ++ runtime may be referring to libraries that are always compiled into your program and deal with internal provisioning things, such as memory management (new / delete), exception handling, RTTI implementation, support for operation of STL containers, openmp multithreading, and other C ++ features for which you need some program code that runs with your program.