Eclipse swears at the $ sign. When using jquery.

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    let swears. You're not running out of the eclipse. - alex7249
  • I hope you use it in javascript - alex7249
  • but where else? I don’t want to leave eclipse unhappy, as his whims distract - greshnik
  • The problem is with the Eclipse and not with jquery, although thanks anyway - greshnik
  • Damn, how does it swear? Why, then, in general, use IDE ... let's write in general in a notebook .. you don't start it out of it .. - cy6erGn0m

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Use the alternate call $ change to jquery

  • I want to teach eclips to work with common syntax and not to change something in the source. After all, ide does not work correctly !! - greshnik
  • IDE works correctly, it is just not sharpened by jQuery: (Personally, I write scripts in Aptana Studio and I make them up, I understand everything that is possible :) - metazet