In general, there is a form in which I select a picture and write a name for it, then a new page is created with my material, there is a name and a link to a picture on the server. I pass on this link, but there is no picture, but I have a FTP manager, I take the link to this picture again and append any letters to it, then I erase them and everything works. What kind of mystic?

Here is an example: - there is a link under the button (save as vkontakte): http: // wepeop ... in general, copy and paste into the address bar and go . And then do the same as me. What kind of mystic?

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    GET -Ssed ''
    GET -> 403 Forbidden
    Connection: close
    Date: Sun, Apr 17 2011 18:21:39 GMT
    Content-Length: 2217
    Content-Type: text / html

    oh, the formatting has floated :( When using the "Formatted Text" for some reason, the bold selection is ignored :( It does not even try to display a picture. Yes, and it would be still good for the Content-Type to output the corresponding one.

    • What does this mean and how to deal with it? - Andrey Lays
    • And I don’t know this anymore, I don’t see the server code. The developer should be more visible. The point is in the server script for which the revrayt is hung, IMHO. And then, without seeing the code, I do not know how to help - Alex Kapustin
    • "Formatted" text removes any other formatting. - Nicolas Chabanovsky