Which file to connect, so that you can use the chop function in the C program. At the moment the compiler produces:

pinger.c:(.text+0x5ac): undefined reference to 'chop' .

  • If you need such a function in C, you will have to write the pens yourself. - skegg
  • And in what header is her ad? - dzhioev

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undefined reference is a linker error. Apparently, you are using a function from the library that does not link to the final code. It is necessary library in which this function is implemented to connect.

    Is there such a function in standard C libraries? It seems to me that no. And it showed.

    • I managed to find a chop only in Pearl with a poltichka. - gecube
    • Well, in PHP, there are no problems with it either: D - codekick