Please direct to libraries that allow:

  1. Get stream from http
  2. Play it directly in the program.
  3. And preferably how to make a widget

I don’t know exactly the name of this protocol, so I’ll give you data dumps from the sniffer:


GET /server.128 HTTP/1.0 Host: radio.server.fm User-Agent: WinampMPEG/5.61, Ultravox/2.1 Ultravox-transport-type: TCP Accept: */* Icy-MetaData:1 Connection: close 


 HTTP/1.0 200 OK Content-Type: audio/mpeg icy-br:128 icy-description:Server.FM icy-genre:Public Radio icy-name:Server icy-pub:1 icy-url:http://server.fm Server: Icecast 2.3.2 Cache-Control: no-cache icy-metaint:16000 

Well, then there are already data blocks of 1400-1460 bytes. Those. usual http, reading all this is not difficult, but how to give it to the player and how to get all the information of interest? Track name, etc. Tell me a description of this whole business?

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    It can be useful:

    • Here spasibochka :) That is necessary. What about widgets? - Dex

    So it's icecast .. well, read about this protocol .. I once came across it, but a very long time .. unfortunately, I don’t remember anything already. I remember that with the documentation things were somehow not important and I got a lot of information on some thematic forms. This is a subject for a long agonizing excavation with the help of Google :)

    Try digging here:

    • Yes, I was digging all this, but the fact is that the problem now is to put all this under the android. Yes, and with the widget to boot. - Dex