There is some code on a javascript (with inserts of the classic ASP) that fills the Excel plate with data from the database. In the header of the table you need to write the value from querystring. I try to do it like this, but I get an error all the time.

<script type="text/javascript"> ... Sheet.Cells(1,1)="Анализ звонков ( "+<%=Request.QueryString("region")%>+")"; </script> 

The region parameter in the query string is present. The rest of the code that fills the table works without errors.

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    Try to <%=Request.QueryString("region")%> in quotes or enter directly into the line: "Call analysis ( <%=Request.QueryString("region")%> )".

    • The second option is earned, thanks - Andrei Egorletovzhiv

    I would try to write like this:

    Sheet.Cells (1,1) = "Call Analysis ( <%=**" +** Request.QueryString("region") **+ "**%> )";