I want to learn how to make sites on ASP.NET , but I don’t want to redo ready-made examples from textbooks , where do you advise to start ?? Perhaps give me the idea of ​​a web application, and I will try to implement it on ASP.NET .

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    I want to become a fighter without rules, but I do not want to box a punching bag and train at the wall, where do you advise to start ?? Can someone break me a couple of ribs first? or advise the area with Gopnik? Or tell someone to run into, and I will try to give it in the face =) - Gorets
  • Well, something like this ... - Niki-Timofe
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    Well, then advise where to get a good pear on ASP.NET WebForms VB.NET ??? - Niki-Timofe 2:58 pm
  • @ niki-timofe, you with your questions ..... something that creates ambiguities. - AseN

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Lots of ideas, at least you wrote what exactly you like. After all, you can write a website about kittens and a website about weapons, a browser game, and an IDE web for programming, and over 9000 more.

  • A website about kittens and weapons is 3-4 class HTML in a notebook ... Web-IDE is Java (Script) + HTML Browser game - not bad, give an idea please .... - Niki-Timofe
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    What does the idea mean? Always surprised such questions, requirements, requests. A site about kittens and weapons can be made and not level 3-4 grade. - rasmisha