I work in the 2010 builder. It so happened that either the Indy component is dead or something, in general, the builder had to be reinstalled, after which the program worked in the Release configuration (I switched). If I create a new project and write the same lines of code, Indy kicks and doesn't connect to the server.

But I have a little question on the other part - after all this trick with the components and configurations of the project options, I cannot step through the program step by step, put a red dot on the left in the editor - what's on the loop, what is on the variable declaration, or any other part of the code, when I start, this point becomes a cross, and nothing is done in steps, and the added variables are not shown in the Watch List (actually, like the Watch List itself). I am afraid to switch to the Debug configuration due to the fact that the whole project will collapse (work has been done on it quite a bit). The question is - where in the options what to turn on / off to turn on the step-by-step debugging mode of the program?

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    To activate the built-in debugger:

    1. Select Tools> Options> Debugger Options
    2. Mark Integrated Debugging option
    3. Click OK
    4. Selectively set other settings

    More about IDE settings:

    • The funny thing is that this method does not work = / And only in one project. When you create a new one, and create a simple cycle, all the rules stop where it is needed. Maybe this is simply not provided by the Release configuration? Now I study the links, thanks. - DizzWebS
    • I looked - a lot of interesting things, but I could not turn on Breakpoints. - DizzWebS

    Turning on and off the "Modify and Continue" mode

    Not this?

    • Not. - DizzWebS