Hello comrades!

From page 1 I transmit the data:

string user = tb_Login.Text; string pass = tb_Pass.Text; string email = tb_Email.Text; Response.Redirect("RegComplete.aspx?login=user&pass=pass&email=email"); 

On page 2 I get the data:

 string username = Request.QueryString["login"]; string password = Request.QueryString["pass"]; string email = Request.QueryString["email"]; 

Result: the string variables are NOT VALUED, but the NAME of the parameters (user, pass, email) as a string. Those. username = "user", password = "pass", etc.

How can I transfer the values ​​of variables? Tell me please!

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    Comrades! My mistake was that I passed the parameter as a string with the name of this parameter!

    Here is the correct option:

     Response.Redirect(String.Format("RegComplete.aspx?login={0}&pass={1}&email={2}", user, pass, email)); 

    Hope this helps someone :)