Good day, I want to ask you about help to rephrase the plan for a more complex, competent plan for a diploma.

1.1 the history of the development of social networks
1.2 Types of social networks
1.3 Social Media Audience
CHAPTER 2 DEVELOPMENT OF THE PORTAL. 2.1 History and development of PHP
2.2. MySQL installation
2.3 Create and distribute HTML and CSS markup.
2.4 Comparing PHP with ASP, Perl, comparing MySQL with Oracle
CHAPTER 3. DEVELOPMENT OF A PORTAL 3.1 Development algorithm and flowcharts.
3.2 Algorithm of interaction with the database and the block diagram.
3.3 Design Development

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    - I think that here they can comment on something ready rather than come up with a plan for you. - The transition from the social network to the portal is not very clear . If you write about social networks, then talk about their development. If, however, about portals in general, the first chapter is not in the subject. - If you write about social networks, then add a chapter, for example, about technologies and technical solutions that are used, for example, in Facebook and Вконтакте . Compare them, especially since there is enough information. - Costantino Rupert
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    > 2.2. Installing MySQL Is make install high calm? - karmadro4
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    @ karmadro4 In your manner of commenting, the influence of Lurkmore / Habr is clearly felt :) - Costantino Rupert
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    @ Kotik_khokhet_kusat, rather, on the contrary, lively Great-treacherous, which was described in the seashore, from which IT plankton, which is driven into the shvabrushvabr, got him :-) , we decided to develop a free SQL server, add them to the basis ... - karmadro4
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    IMHO, for this is your supervisor! - Specter

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Suppose a diploma is written about changing requirements (expectations) for web services and the corresponding changes in terms of design, architecture, programming. In this case, you devote the first chapter to social change. Show, that was, say, ten years ago and is now. The number of users, the nature of these users, Internet usage patterns, Internet connection with other media, Internet accessibility. See about rub in statics and dynamics.

The second chapter is devoted to how technology, design, and approaches to web development have evolved over the same time. Not in terms of the history of creating PHP and MySQL, but in terms of what technologies allowed to do 10 years ago and what they allow now. Show the dynamics of changes here, the emergence of new tools.

The third chapter is the connection of the first and second social and technical parties. How one leads to another. You can show the approach to the development of a web service. It would be nice to compare a typical approach to developing a web service 10 years ago and now (development speed, development tools, patterns, etc.)