There are several questions:

  1. How to programmatically disable headers and footers? (so that the printed pages do not display the page address, date, number, etc.)
  2. How to programmatically print printable text? (several documents of different information are loaded into the document. For example, if the first document occupies one and a half A4 pages, the document following it should be printed from a new page).

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    Functions for working with the printer.

    • I read about these functions of php, but unfortunately I could not figure out how to connect the necessary dll and where to get it, since my assembly of Denver does not want to perceive them. If not difficult, tell me. - matheratty
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      I'm afraid that this is a function of working with a local printer. When printing a page from the site - PCP is nothing to do with, there is more work with JavaScript or css can help, if this is generally possible. What I strongly doubt. Ideal option - to give PDF (will be displayed immediately in the browser window) prints. You can convert html to pdf using the mpdf library or similar - Alex Kapustin
    • About php - doper, besides, they only work up to 2000 Windows. Thank you, I'll try now. - matheratty