Hello everyone, tell me, I wrote a program that works with the mySQL Database, so when I tested it on Denver everything was normal and in Russian, but when I moved to hosting all the Russian words became ????????????? , although the encoding is not changed. So maybe you need to put another encoding to support Russian? I have cp1250_general_ci

  • 1250 You definitely do not need if the Russian language. 1251 is possible. But you have questions, maybe this is because the base is 1251 (or even 1250), and the site pages are in UTF-8. That is, you need to make the base in UTF-8, or pages at 125x. - ivkremer
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You said that in the database itself on the hosting you display question marks. In phpMyAdmin hosting you, as I understand it, have access. Therefore, create a database, "Comparison" choose utf8_general_ci . Dump the local database does not pack! Go to the tab "Export", remove the bottom, if it is, tick "Save as file" and click "OK". We copy the whole dump in the field that appears, go to phpMyAdmin on the hosting. Select the created database, then click on the "SQL" tab, paste the saved dump from the buffer and click "OK". Here, as if all. If the base on LAN is large, then you may have to transfer each table separately. And it would be good to bring all the fields to the "Comparison" utf8_general_ci before removing the dump.

PS In general, the question sounds good: “ What encoding should I put on the table? ” Insert the most tomatoes)))

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If the option to select the connection encoding is in the components that you use to connect to MySQL, then set cp1251.

Or, the same thing can be done via the MySQL command:

SET NAMES cp1251; 

    UTF8 and only UTF8 - always and in all!

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