Tell me, please, where can I download the winsock2 library? Ezhzhe all clambered, I can not find ...

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    Is it on your computer? The question would not be surprising if you had windows 3.1 or so - alexlz
  • @Daryalla what pas and inc are there means the link for Delfi or Paskal :) So my answer was incorrect. - ReinRaus
  • @alexlz, and where can it be? .. I have not found anywhere and vs does not find - Daryalla
  • This library generally lies in the %WINDOWS%/system32/WINSOCK.dll link for Win7x32 in case you do not have it. - ReinRaus
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    This question should be closed, because offtopic - αλεχολυτ

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if you create a project in mfc, then in the project dialog on the Advanced Features tab you tick Windows sockets, everything will now see (although nowhere in the project properties I have ever found an item that dunks, but if I don’t, I’ll swear). Here we are talking about the seven, probably in older versions in the same way ...

And if you do in pure Win32, then in the properties of the project you go Linker-Input and in the column AdditonalDependencies you write WSOCK32.LIB

    In the code:

     #include <WinSock2.h> 

    In Visual Studio:

    Project => Project_name Properties (Alt + F7) => Configuration Properties => Linker => Command Line: ws2_32.lib

    This is the case in Visual Studio 2010.