Why the rand ()% 100 function returns numbers greater than 100. I did not observe this before, at least in console versions. Here I tried to display a hidden number in the MessageBox.

srand(time(0)); int c_train=rand()%100; wchar_t buffer[30]; char buffer_c[20]; string value; string title="Значение: "; title=title+itoa(c_train,buffer_c,8); MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP,0,title.c_str(),-1,buffer,30); MessageBox(NULL, buffer, _T("Win32 Guided Tour"), NULL); 

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    And everything correctly displays. Answer in line


    namely, the number 8. You are asking to output in the number system on the base 8. Therefore, 64 will already look like 100.

    • 64 gives all kinds of letters and symbols - Dimka
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      if instead of 8 to write 64, yes ... it will give out :) 10 you need to write there. - KoVadim
    • Suspected. And you can find an explanation about this 3 parameters. What does it fix? And then in the aglitsky did not understand. - Dimka

    Because you print the number in octal numbering system (the third parameter in itoa).

    • I tried different but only 8 gave more or less adequate values. the rest and letters give out and tsiforki. - Dimka
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      @ Dimka, you would not be engaged in programming, but in reverse engineering. - northerner
    • And what is it? :))) Or is it about how I convert values? :))) - Dimka
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      @ Dimka "tried different" is five of course) That is, you do not know what the system of calculus? - rasmisha
    • Oddly enough, but in the know. :)))) Just "worn out." - Dimka