I can not access the file system wimax card router ASUS WMVN25E2 + (YOTA). File System - TFFS. I go through the serial port without a password, but you need to disassemble the device and connect directly to the UART contacts, when connecting via telnet, you must first enable bridge mode and connect the card, then you can go to But then the system does not allow - ASUS WIMAX appears and login / password. Standard admin / admin passwords are not suitable (although at 1.1 it passes without problems). After a few seconds, the invitation is updated, after 60 it is turned off. The question is - what could be the standard password options in this situation, maybe someone came across. VxWorks operating system

  • And is it possible to first go through the serial port, then set the username and password of the user and then log in via telnet with them? - stanislav
  • The fact of the matter is that it seems that the username and password of the user are written in the standard bootloader. I see them when I go through the serial port. But through telnet - no way. - Ruslan
  • So far nothing is working - the password is probably generated based on the MAC address of the device, through the serial port in the settings, the login / password setting command is found (the password is specified as an option), but when entering through telnet it still does not allow and resets :( - Ruslan

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Try using bruteforce for telnet.

Well, of course, I propose to do this only on devices belonging to you;) Also, I do not recommend distributing your password on the network as you learn it, I think you probably heard about the Sony and Geohot case.

  • @ Sergey Thanks, naturally I work with a device belonging to me. We are talking about the script settings for the wimax card. Connecting the serial port is the need to disassemble the device. Therefore, I wanted to be able to connect via telnet. - Ruslan