The question is definitely Nubian, but since it appears on the net so often, I would like to put it all in one place.

I propose to start with what needs to be studied in order to write this, along the way, I will ask questions that interest me at a certain stage. Hopefully, the sensei will help to sort this out once and for all. Perhaps I will begin the list, I wait for practical advice where to go, what to study and other tips. Please do not write negative answers that do not carry meaning.

  1. C #
  2. Creating a concept document (all that will describe the gameplay)

Suppose I know C # (in fact, I am familiar with C ++ not at a super level, but I know something + I read "CLR via C #" in Russian).

There is a certain idea for an RPG, a certain story, ideas, etc.

Now what? I mean, even knowing all this, I have little idea how it should be written. More or less, I understand that the engines should be separated, but how to do it about how exactly it should interact, I have no idea. Perhaps there is some kind of programming pattern? If so tell me the name.

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    If you decide to write games on C # for XNA, then XNA is the game engine for creating 2D and 3D games for Windows, mobile phones running Windows Phone and the XBox-360 prefix. Therefore, it is necessary to study books and video lessons on XNA, for a start I can recommend reading the book: S. G. Gornakov - Developing games for Windows in XNA Game Studio Express, you can download it from one of the links: multimedia / razrabotka-igr-pod-windows-v-xna-game-studio-express-824 -game.html and also watch video tutorials on XNA at the link: there you will need to register, this is a website for learning technologies from Microsoft. And if you are not familiar with C # - read along with XNA studying the book: Herbert Schildt, "Complete C # Reference" - it is easy to find and download, you need to look for the latest issue for 2011. It describes the C # language in a good accessible form, with examples on each topic. Here is the cover of the book: Shieldt has several books - we need the latest version of C #

    • I read Jeffrey Richter in C #, while it seems to be understandable) With regards to XNA, it seemed to me that it was just a framework, not an engine. In other matters, I read this book, I hope it will help. - Sergey
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      J. Richter is after all not on C #. In his book, he goes deep into the .NET platform and its mechanisms, using the C # language only as a means to demonstrate examples. Therefore, if you start C # from scratch, click on the advice above and find the latest edition of Schild. It is read easily and quickly, it is written in an understandable form (however, as usual in Shildt). Well, "CLR via C #" should be read in the event that you decide to thoroughly understand the .NET device, its bottlenecks and ways to improve performance. - Shad

    Benjamin Nitschke Professional programming games with XNA for Windows and Xbox 360