Good day. What is the sign of convergence for this series?

I think Integral Cauchy


  • As for the use of the D'Alembert attribute, I, perhaps, was wrong: it turns out that the series converges, but diverges by the integral attribute (the logarithm, though from the logarithm, but still grows). - DelphiM0ZG
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    @ Alexander Moiseenko, This is a question for the Math forum. - northerner

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It seems that you are right, you can use the integral Cauchy attribute, but, better ask mathematicians (here in another forum). The integral logarithm of the natural logarithm is obtained by the integral Cauchy criterion. If in doubt, try to use the dalamber sign.

  • Thank you very much, DelphiM0ZG. Question now can be closed. Right now, I will issue the next question. - Alexander Moiseenko