Tell me, please, how or rather, what commands should a program make in order for a certain text to be added to a text document from a new line?

The text document will be located at http: // * * .ru / 123.txt

  • The question is not clear. How exactly and where will the text be added? - Nicolas Chabanovsky ♦
  • Text should be added to the text document http: //**.ru/123.txt (any, will be specified). What commands should the program perform? - DimWeb
  • And it is also necessary to clarify whether the file to which you want to write is on the same server or on another? - Alex Silaev

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Mmm .. do you understand that the question is not completely asked? Look, this is as correct as an example: "I want from the input field located on my web page, after pressing the button (also located on my page) all the entered text is added to the new line in the existing file at address XXX. I need to use PHP (javascript). What code should i write? " Feel the difference?

If it’s also difficult to elaborate in detail — describe in as much detail as possible in simple words.

    Add "\ n" to the end of each line.