Tell me, please, how to write the code for such a task: given the system of difures x '= f1 (x, y), y' = f2 (x, y)

  1. Find the resting points of the system.
  2. Every from points to explore for sustainability.
  3. Display the name of the feature point
  4. Build a phase portrait.

If who did already, help.

  • maple? Am I the only one who hear about it for the first time? I googled - it's like an auto-cascade =) you should look at the answers on the forum forums ... - Gorets
  • @Gorets, of the three of us, you seem to be one. I don’t know about the auto-cadre, but he also has some similarities with Matlab, although the tools and capabilities are wider in the field of symbolic calculations. Unfortunately, I do not remember absolutely nothing. - Dex
  • Can you give any tips on this topic? - Nut