I finish reading Schild on C #. I want to consolidate knowledge in practice. Already wrote a calculator and telephone directory. What else can you try to write?

  • A similar case for SI. I do not know what to do on it. Tell me please. - VladislavMSK
  • @ VladislavMSK, are you serious? Try to make a C library with functions like malloc (), free () ... for shared memory (better than posix) so that you can build dynamic structures (for example queues, etc.) from different processes in such a block. The main problem is that such a block in different processes can be displayed at different addresses. If possible - publish. - avp

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Here are some good tasks: an archive .

  • Well, this consolidation of algorithms will most likely be (and far from being the easiest archive) - rasmisha
  • This is the most interesting task: acm.timus.ru/problem.aspx?space=1&num=1000 - AseN
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    @Asen standard task in all archives to check the system - rasmisha

Look here there and you will find the idea and the team at the same time) all the same, participation in the opensource projects gives a good experience ... and when applying for a job it will help)

    Something to work with a database, for example. At the same time, learn the syntax of Sql queries :)

    • eg? I am familiar with the basic syntax) I studied the subject in the university, I didn’t sleep) I did the coursework sq. ex. ) - ArniLand

    I recommend doing work from the category of course projects. Just come to the teacher in the university and say what topics you have about learning this particular language. By the way, you can in this case and earn some money

    • the university has vacations and vacations on holidays) - ArniLand
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      These are the words of the student I understand? let it be known that the students of the session end at the end of June and until that moment the teachers from the university have their feet. - LackOfKnowledge
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      I assure you with absolute accuracy that graduates in Ukraine have already defended themselves, since due to not unknown events the school year was reduced - Specter
    • alvin, that's what people have for fashion, to try to be clever without knowing the situation? I have already passed the session and finished the third course. I live in Ukraine. And for the Euro 2012 reduced the school year. - ArniLand
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      do you think Ukrainian is obliged to speak Ukrainian? Visit Ukraine and everything will become clear to you) Why, I had to clarify this, it doesn’t concern this topic. - ArniLand

    I will not repeat what has already been listed. But when I studied, I went to freelance exchanges, and watched what projects there were. And I tried to make them for myself. So you can evaluate your knowledge on more or less real projects, and how much time spent.

    • Well, on freelance exchanges projects are not at all to consolidate (difficult for such an occupation) - Niki-Timofe