Good day. Not good at regular expressions. Help finish.

This code takes the text from the site, namely the page - It is necessary to cut out only the names of the songs, but with my regular season, it displays only part of the songs.

There is a code -

$skrap = parser ($host,$path,$start,$end,$include); if ($skrap) { // Заменить теги переноса строки на простые переносы строки $grab=str_replace("<br>","\n",$grab); // Получить регулярным выражением тексты цитат preg_match_all("/<div id=\"shrt\">([^>]*>){12}([^<]*)/",$skrap,$matches); // В массиве содержатся все найденные строки for ($i=0; $i<count($matches[2]); $i++) { echo '<a href="/mp3/'.nl2br($matches[2][$i]).'">'.nl2br($matches[2][$i]).'</a>'; echo '<br>'; } } 
  • Also, after the withdrawal, writes Array, how to get rid of? - vits
  • Give a piece of text that needs to be parsed and the desired result from this text. - ReinRaus

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You speak only the names, but at the same time you pull the whole link?

We get only the names


Rude, but try. may need to delete rn. Checked in Notepad ++

About Array, try


Look at that array.

  • one
    IMHO print_r taxis =) - Zowie
  • Tastes differ. - UndReim
  • Warning: preg_match_all () [function.preg-match-all]: Unknown modifier '>' in D: \ Webwork \ webserver \ domains \ music.os \ www \ index.php on line 442 This error happens with your example - vits
  • > need to screen. - ReinRaus
  • How to screen, as I understand it in quotes, but another error appears - vits