Do not tell me this under Linux? And a reference would ..

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  • you can look boost :: python - alphard
  • Is it possible? - Vladimir Gordeev
  • Maybe. Is the conversion of Pascal, Fortran, Ada-> c possible? And C-> asm? The question is whether this is necessary. - gecube
  • Conversion from Pascal, Fortran and Ada is not that difficult. Still, languages ​​are similar. How to convert eval to Python? - Vladimir Gordeev
  • one
    eval is a function. transform its implementation? Even if it is written in python, and is not a C-module, what is its particular complexity? - yapycoder

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  • Cython is a Python based language that is compiled into C / C ++; to get compiled from Python code, additional work is needed.
  • Shed Skin is an experimental compiler that compiles Python code (with some restrictions) in C ++.