There is a need to monitor the server kc.

Are there any libraries in which this is implemented fairly simple?

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Here is the simplest example of CS 1.6 monitoring, which displays:


Name: Army Ranks 1.3

Map: cs_assault

Players: 19/24

Status: On-line

<?php $server = ''; $port = '27015'; function GetServerInfo($server,$port) { $fp = @fsockopen("udp://".$server, $port); if (!$fp) return false; @fwrite($fp,"\xFF\xFF\xFF\xFF\x54\x53\x6F\x75\x72\x63\x65\x20\x45\x6E\x67\x69\x6E\x65\x20\x51\x75\x65\x72\x79\x00".chr(10)); $start=time(); socket_set_timeout($fp,1); $st=fread($fp,1); $r=socket_get_status($fp); $result['status'] = $r["timed_out"]; $r=$r["unread_bytes"]; if ($r == 0) { @fclose($fp); return false;} $st.=fread($fp,$r); @fclose($fp); $st=substr($st,5); $address=SubStr($st,0,StrPos($st,chr(0))); $address=str_replace(chr(0),"|",$address); $st=SubStr($st,StrPos($st,chr(0))+1); $name=SubStr($st,0,StrPos($st,chr(0))); $st=SubStr($st,StrPos($st,chr(0))+1); $map=SubStr($st,0,StrPos($st,chr(0))); $st=SubStr($st,StrPos($st,chr(0))+1); $st=SubStr($st,StrPos($st,chr(0))+1); $st=SubStr($st,StrPos($st,chr(0))+1); $current=ord(SubStr($st,0,1)); $max=ord(SubStr($st,1,1)); if ($map == "") return false; $result['map'] = $map; $result['name']= $name; $result['current'] = $current; $result['max'] = $max; return $result; } $serv = GetServerInfo($server,$port); if ($serv) { echo ' Сервер: '.$server.':'.$port.' <br> Название: '.$serv['name'].' <br> Карта: '.$serv['map'].' <br> Игроков: '.$serv['current'].'/'.$serv['max'].' <br> Статус: On-line '; } else { echo 'Статус: Off-line'; } ?>