I created a C # registration form. This is the site and the buttons in it: Login and Register. It is necessary to register the user of the program on your computer. It is necessary that by clicking on the registration button, all the data that the user entered into the textboxes, recorded in some text file. And then in another form, if I type this data and press the input, so that it checks this data with a text file and if everything matches, it will reveal Success. Can I do this? Help with tips and tricks on how to do this, such as a small home database.

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  • I can give the source, if of course you need. To edit and compile it, you need Qt Creator and Qt 4.8.1, well, or another version, you can even QtSdk. Pull? - embarcadero
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Well, when registering, I would make such a code

using(StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(File.Create("data.txt"))) { sw.WriteLine(textBox1.Text); sw.WriteLine(textBox2.Text); sw.Close(); } 

And at the entrance of such a code.

 string username, password = string.Empty; using(StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(File.Open("data.txt", FileMode.Open))) { username = sr.ReadLine(); password = sr.ReadLine(); sr.Close(); if(username == textUserName.Text && password == textPassword.Text) { MessageBox("УСПЕШНО ВОШЛИ"); } else { MessageBox("Что-то тут не так"); } } 
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    and I would do this: ... sw.WriteLine (ComputeHash (textBox2.Text)); ... ... if (username == textUserName.Text && password == ComputeHash (textPassword.Text)) ... public string ComputeHash (string str) {var hashString = new System.Security.Cryptography.SHA1Managed (); Return hashString.ComputeHash (Encoding.Default.GetBytes (str)). Aggregate (string.Empty, (acc, el) => acc + String.Format ("{0: x2}", el)); } - Specter
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C # and XML. Convenient way to store data. Part One , Part Two

For ASP, I think you modify it yourself, but in general, if there is a lot of data, it is better to use some kind of DBMS.

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