Good day! trying to play video from a flash drive

VideoView myIntroView = (VideoView) this.findViewById(; MediaController mc = new MediaController(this); myIntroView.setMediaController(mc); myIntroView.setVideoPath("/sdcard/test.mp4"); myIntroView.requestFocus(); myIntroView.start(); 

Android writes "It is impossible to play video" I debug on the device! Chyadt?

  • can mp4 not play?)) - Gorets
  • Can the path is incomplete indicated? Are you sure that the video file is picked up? - Gorets
  • mp4 took that advise. At first he thinks for a couple of seconds, then the control buttons are shown and the error message disappears when the path is not correct in other ways! I tried all sorts of ways, compiled other people's examples, the same effect! - katso
  • Are you doing everything in the UI stream? - Gorets
  • Yes! Don't you? - katso

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on the tablet I earned it like this.

myIntroView.setVideoPath ("/ mnt / extsd / test.mp4");

    It was a crooked custom! Bored by others, earned!