For example, such code:

<style> .a { white-space:nowrap; width: 50px; } .b { display: inline; } </style> <div class="a"> <div class="b">Инлайн <div class="c">Блочный</div> </div> <div class="b">Инлайн</div> <div class="b">Инлайн</div> </div> 
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    @ Oleg, To format the code, select it with the mouse and click on the button 101010 of the editor. - Rules
  • And he did))) - Oleg
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    You forgot to put a line break before the code - Rules

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You can apply float: left for block elements;

nowrap is not a ride here

  • Thank you, but in my particular case this method is not suitable. I solved the problem with the help of the table - Oleg

If I understand correctly, do you need all your code highlighted in one line?

 .c { display: inline - block; } 

But I did not understand exactly where this is needed - the context.

    It helped me text-transform: none;