I create an Image, Bitmap or Icon property of the edited object. In any case, a PropertyGrid (DevExpress) displays the image as a string (either "System.Drawing.Bitmap" or "Icon").

Not good. How to fix?

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    In the designer of the grid, you need to specify the type of the displayed field - it should be like this - if the memory does not change - Image. And in general, see examples with them or look at their website - there are examples of a cloud ...

    • I found only this: devexpress.com/Support/Center/p/CQ56522.aspx They promised to fix it, but apparently, even in version 11 they have not yet corrected it. - Modus
    • it looks like ... honestly, I did not come across such a situation myself. you can try VerticalGrid by the way - if of course it fits your task. - dreadangel