What are the disadvantages of creating a program, for example, some agent for a site created in php (most convenient to create on DevelStudio)? What are the differences from C ++? Of course, there are fewer features in PCP.
In general, please indicate the negative features of a window program in PHP?

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    PHP versus C ++ - one continuous minus. You have a bad idea with PHP (sorry for being rude) .... - AseN
  • Well, you explain your point of view. I do not really understand this, with window applications only to get acquainted, for me that in php, that in C ++. The main thing is to work. Of course, unpretentious programs such as the admin or agent, etc., it is easier for me to write in php, because I know it, but C doesn’t. I want to know why everyone hates PHP so much. - iproger
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    Why so immediately - "hate PHP"? Everything has its place. For processing a gold ring, a special jewelry bolt is better suited than a rasp. Although in fact, they perform the same job. - Deonis
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    As usual, some dogmas without any arguments. - northerner

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I will try to accurately express the general opinion)

If there are no special requirements for the program, it is not engaged in sorting megabytes of records, creating video effects, but is used only as a client to the site - do it and do not worry. It will weigh hundreds of times more of the same program on C and work as many times as slowly, but at low loads it will not play a role (for the user there is no particular difference between 1.5MB and 300K and between 0.002 sec and 0.1 sec).

Most importantly, do not forget about these conditions - doing something meaningful desktop on php is a terrible sin, because such a monster will weigh 40 meters instead of 0.8 and perform a simple operation in 15 seconds instead of 0.03.

Generally speaking, the "almost algorithmic" php for small utilities for every day is very convenient. Not in production, of course)

  • PS: a place on hard is not the hell yet, php flows like ... hmm ... - Sh4dow
  • Clear, thanks for the nice answer! - iproger