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I learn more qooxdoo, faced with another task: I do not know how to release. I am taking data from the server and it is necessary that the request leave the page in life mode - that is, if I type from the keyboard, the new zip code value automatically changes to the city value.

My code is:

var plzTextfield = new qx.ui.form.TextField(); // создаю форму plzTextfield.setLiveUpdate(true); // указываю, что разрешено менять life var postalcode = plzTextfield.getValue(); //забираю данные var url = ""+"JSON?username=***&output=jsonp&country=DE&postalcode="+postalcode; // отправляю данные 

Unfortunately not working. In the response from the server, postalcode=null where do I need to specify something, to register something?

In JavaScript, this function can be specified as follows:

 var url = ""+"JSON?username=***&output=jsonp&country=DE&postalcode="+escape(postalcode.value); 
  • but qooxdoo could not find an analogue.

I hope there are qooxdoo lovers who have already encountered such a situation.

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    Problem solved: it was necessary to add an event handler code:

     plzTextfield.addListener("blur", function(){ sucheOrt()},this); 

    and slightly modify the existing code:

     function sucheOrt(){ var url = "****&output=jsonp&country=DE&postalcode="+escape(plzTextfield.getValue());